Decision Making
When developing a budget, you are prioritising.
When prioritising, you are aligning with your organisation’s strategy.
When you implement your strategy, you ensure a sustainable future.


Novus3’s staff comprise of built environment- and financial specialists supported by economists, data analysts and software development specialists. Our advisory services draws from the strength provided by this blend of skillsets.
  • Analytics
  • Advisory
  • Bespoke Software
  • Capital Investment Planning
  • Infrastructure Prioritsation Methods
  • Implementation Planning, and tracking metrics
  • Capital Expenditure Framework
  • Financial Modelling
  • IDP Process Planning and Change Management
  • Infrastructure Capital Investment Plans
  • Capital Investment Prioritisation
  • Built environment Value Chain Development
  • Public Sector fiscal impact simulation
  • Capital Expenditure Frameworks
  • Project Preparation Processes
  • Spatial Development Frameworks
  • CP3
  • Capital Project Portal
  • Programmatic Prioritsation Tool
  • Budget Scenario Module
  • Web based Budget Adjustment Modelling
  • Integrated Dashboarding and Reporting
  • Online Project scheduling and tracking


Senior Manager
During the update of our CEF, Novus3 utilised their bespoke software to successfully qualify our municipality for the Integrated Urban Development grant.
Chief Director
Infrastructure and IDP Support
The Novus3 team excelled in planning, prioritsation and capital project management as part of the capital budgeting cycle and yen year planning horizon
Deputy Municipal Manager
City Development
We are satisfied with the output produced by Novus3, specifically regarding their assistance in strategic decision making, prioritsation and budgeting.
Divisional Head
Specialist Projects City Planning Development
We can recommend Novus3 for work relating to system development and maintenance based on their professionalism and our satisfaction.
Group Head
Economic Development and Spatial Planning
The services of Novus3 was fundamental in the development of our Built Environment Performance Plan as required by National Treasury.



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